Business results per agricultural sector

  • Arable farming: net operating result negative since 2014

    In the arable farming sector, the lower costs in 2017 compensated for lower revenues in that year. This resulted in an increase of family labour income in 2017 compared to 2016: from 31,557 euros in 2016 to 33,276 euros in 2017. That is the highest it has been in the past four years. The family labour income minus the allowance for own labour gives the net operating result, which can be viewed as payment for management by the managing director. The net operating result has been negative since 2014.

  • Greenhouse vegetables: net operating profit of over 116,000 euros

    In the greenhouse vegetables sector, the fall of the revenues in 2017 was higher than the fall of the costs (excluding own labour). As a result, family labour income fell to 205,151 euros in 2017, which is still sufficient to meet the remuneration for own labour. The net operating result was therefore positive for the fourth year in a row and amounted to 116,599 euros in 2017.

  • Open-air vegetables: net operating profit negative

    In the open-air vegetable sector, family labour income halved to 61,013 euros in 2017. Due to a limited drop in revenues and a sharp rise in costs, the net operating result also fell to minus 9,731 euros in 2017.

  • Greenhouse ornamental crops: net operating profit of over 32,000 euros

    In the greenhouse ornamental crops sector, the increase in revenues in 2017 was not enough to compensate for the increase in costs. Family labour income fell to 117,182 euros in 2017. It was therefore still more than sufficient to remunerate own labour, so that the net operating result remained positive at 32,357 euros in 2017.

  • Fruit: net operating result again negative

    In the fruit sector, family labour income fell to 47,249 euros in 2017, due to both a drop in revenues and an increase in costs. Family labour income was insufficient to cover the remuneration for own labour. As a result, the net operating result – as for the previous 3 years – was negative in 2017 and amounted to minus 25,508 euros.

  • Dairy cattle: slightly negative net operating result

    In the dairy farming sector, a strong increase in revenues combined with al less sharp increase in costs led to a peak in family labour income of 78,609 euros in 2017. That was slightly insufficient to remunerate own labour, meaning  the net operating result was slightly negative: minus 763 euros.

  • Meat livestock: net operating result again negative

    In the meat livestock sector, the revenues for 2017 were slightly lower than in 2016, but the costs remained the same. As a result, family labour income reached a low of 9,374 euros in 2017. That was, as in previous years, insufficient to pay the remuneration of own labour, meaning the net operating result declined even further, coming down to minus 45,995 euros.

  • Pigs: net operating profit of over 37,000 euros

    In the pig sector, family labour income peaked at 97,878 in 2017, thanks to revenue growth outstripping costs. This more than covered remuneration for own labour, resulting in a positive net operating result. The net operating result amounted to 37,357 euros per company in 2017.


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16 January 2020

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