Cultural participation

  • Over 8 in 10 inhabitants of Flanders participate in culture

    In 2018, over 8 in every 10 inhabitants of Flanders took part in at least one cultural activity. This share has slightly increased in recent years.

    The total group of cultural participants is broken down into different participant types. The ‘core audience’ participates at least 3 times per year in 3 of the 10 queried activities. ‘Interested participants’ take part at least once a year in 3 different types of activities. Over 4 in every 10 inhabitants of Flanders belong to one of these two groups, which makes them regular cultural participants. Well over a third of the population belongs to the group of ‘incidental participants’. They take part in culture, albeit less intensively. Just under a fifth of the population does not participate in culture in any shape or form.

    These proportions have remained fairly stable over recent years. However, there has been a slight rise in the number of frequent participants and a fall in the share of non-participants. 

  • Participation in different cultural sectors fairly stable over past 20 years

    For most cultural sectors, participation has remained fairly stable over the past 20 years. After 2011, museum and cinema visits and attendance at performing arts events slightly went up, returning to more or less the same level as in the early 2000s. 

    Concert attendance went up in 2017 and 2018. Comparisons with the pre-2011 period is hampered by changes made to the way in which the questions were worded.

    Library visits too have remained fairly stable in recent years, although in 2018 they were somewhat lower than in the early 2000s. 

  • Highest level of cultural participation among the higher educated, youth and partners with children

    The level of cultural participation increases with the educational attainment level. The younger age groups are characterised by high participation, especially when it comes to the frequency of participation. Broken down according to household type, participation levels are particularly higher among people who (still) live with their parents and among couples with children. 


  • Core audience most present in major and central cities

    In 2017, frequent cultural participation in the major and central cities was distinctly higher than elsewhere in Flanders. Cultural participation was lowest among residents of the rural areas. 


Statistics Flanders: SCV-survey 

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19 February 2019

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