Degrees in mathematics, science and technology in higher education

  • 20% of awarded degrees in higher education is a mathematics, science or technology degree

    In 2019, 20% of the total number of the degrees awarded by higher education institutions in the Flemish Community were mathematics, science or technology degreesThis share increased with about 1 percentage point between 2015 and 2019.

    The share of degrees in these fields is higher among men than among women. In 2019 this share amounted to 35% of all degrees among men and 8% among women.

  • Flemish Community scores low in Europe for degrees in mathematics, science and technology

    With 20% of degrees in mathematics, science and technology, the Flemish Community performed rather poorly in 2019 compared to other countries of the European Union (EU) . At the top were Germany (37%), Austria (31%) and Romania (30%). On average, about a quarter of higher education degrees in the European Union are degrees in mathematics, science or technology. With 18% Belgium ranks below the European average and the Flemish Community.


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Mathematics, science and technology degrees in higher educationdegrees in the international specified fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (UNESCO – ISCED Fields of Education and Training 2013). These are the fields that are directly related to professions in technology-innovative areas.

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19 October 2021

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