Employment in Flemish agriculture and horticulture

  • 48,453 persons employed in agriculture and horticulture

    According to the 2016 agricultural survey 48,453 persons were regularly employed in the Flemish agriculture and horticulture sectors. This equates to 39,315 full-time workers (of at least 38 hours per week or 20 days per month). 
    The total full-time manpower (Annual Work Unit: AWU) has dropped by 33% since 2001. 

  • 43% of full-time workers work in specialised livestock farms

    43% of all full-time workers work in specialised livestock farms (milk, beef, mixed cattle, other grazing livestock, pigs, poultry and mixed livestock). Another 35% work in specialised horticulture companies (vegetables, fruit, ornamental crops and other horticulture), 12% in specialised arable farms and 11% in mixed farms. 


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20 December 2019

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