Employment in the logistics industry

  • Close to 117,000 people at work in logistics industry

    In 2017, nearly 117,000 people worked in the logistics industry in the Flemish Region. The companies that operate in the transport of goods industry account for 4.2% of the total number of people in work in the Flemish Region. 
    The number of people in the logistics industry has risen slightly since 2014. More people now work in the transportation of goods by road in cold storage and in other transport support activities. However, we see a decrease in employment in transportation of goods by sea and inland waterways and in cargo handling at seaports.

  • Nearly 1 in 2 works in the transport support sector

    Transport support activities account for 47% of the people who work in the logistics industry. This includes a large portion of the work connected to loading, unloading and storage in Flanders’ ports. 
    34% of those who work in the logistics industry come under the header of ‘transport of goods by land’. These include the truck drivers and the railway staff involved in the transport of goods. 


    Postal services represent 16% of employment in the logistics industry. The Flemish logistics industry has two more, much smaller sub-sectors, i.e. the sector of transport of goods by sea and inland waterway, involving seafarers and bargees and cargo aviation (transport of goods by air). 


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Logistics industry: collection of businesses which are involved in the transport of goods  

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29 August 2019

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