Home ownership status

  • 72% of people own their home

    In 2018, 72% of households owned the house they live in. The share of private tenants is 19% and the share of social tenants 7%. A small share (2%) lives for free. 

    The home ownership status remained more or less stable compared to 2013. No major differences are recorded compared to 2005 either. However, the proportion of owners was slightly higher at the time (74%). 

  • Mainly high-income households and Belgians are owners

    Home ownership is highest among the 20% highest incomes: 9 in every 10 households in this income group own their homes. As income decreases, so does ownership. In the lowest income group, half of the households own their homes.

    Broken down by nationality of the reference person within the household, home ownership is highest among Belgians. Among households of non-Belgian EU nationals, almost 5 out of 10 are owners; this figure stands at 2 out of 10 among households of non-EU nationals.

    In 2018, the differences within the various target groups are more pronounced than in the past. Home ownership among lower income categories has declined, while it has risen among the higher income categories. Ownership by non-Belgians has also decreased. 

  • More owners in less urbanised areas

    Home ownership is highest outside the cities: here, 8 out of 10 households own their homes. As the degree of urbanisation increases, home ownership is seen to diminish to the point that in large cities 45% of households own their homes.

    In the large cities, 4 out of 10 households rent on the private rental market and just over 1 out of 10 households rent on the social housing rental market. In the smaller cities, the private rental market is smaller with around 2 in every 10 households. Here, social rentals represent the same share. 

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