Import dependence

  • Energy import dependence decreases

    In 2017, 91.8% of the required primary energy sources were imported into Flanders. This is because Flanders has no known reserves of uranium, crude oil or natural gas and because the exploitation of coal was discontinued as a result of cheaper prices on the world market.   


    Import dependence has been downward over the past few years but increased slightly again in 2016 and 2017. 


Flemish Energy Agency (VEA): Flemish Energy Balance 


Import dependence: share of net imports in primary energy consumption. This primary energy consumption is the amount of energy that a geographical entity needs in order to be able to meet demand for energy during the observed period and is the sum of the primary energy production and the net imports of energy.

Petajoule (PJ): 1015 joule. Joule is the unit of energy. 

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9 May 2019

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