Railways – tonne-kilometres

  • Rail accounts for 3.8 billion tonne-kilometres

    In 2016, close to 3.8 billion tonne-kilometres were covered by rail in the Flemish Region. Tonne-kilometre is a unit of measurement that combines weight and distance. For example, transporting 2 tonnes (of goods in weight) across a 2-kilometre distance represents 4 tonne-kilometres.  

    The number of tonne-kilometres has remained virtually unchanged since 2010. 

  • Most tonne-kilometres in the Flemish Region

    The Flemish Region accounts for just over half of all tonne-kilometres covered by rail in Belgium. 


Belgian National Railway Company (Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen   NMBS) 
Eurostat: Transport statistics 

Publication date

20 December 2018

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