Scientific publications

  • 31 scientific publications per 10,000 inhabitants in Flanders

    In 2018, Flanders counted 28 scientific publications in journals per 10,000 inhabitants. This number increases to 31 if contributions to conferences are also included.

    The publication output has risen steadily in Flanders in the last years. Only in 2018 there was a slight decrease in the number of contributions to conferences included in the bibliographic database.

    In addition, the share of scientific publications resulting from international collaboration is increasing. In 2018, for example, 71% of Flemish publications had a foreign co-author. In 2007 this was 54%.

  • Higher education main source of scientific publications

    The share of higher education in scientific publications in Flanders was 88% in the period 2013-2018. The other sectors are less important. Their share is in fact decreasing slightly. These sectors are public institutions (12%), non-university hospitals (4%) and private institutions or companies (6%).

  • Strong cooperation between public institutions and higher education

    There is a strong collaboration between public institutions and higher education in the production of scientific publications: 61% of the publications of public institutions in the period 2013-2018 took place in collaboration with higher education. This is due to the structural cooperation between strategic research centers (such as VIB, VITO and IMEC) and universities. What is also striking is the sharp increase in cooperation between non-university hospitals and higher education in the most recent years. That share increased from 49% in 2007-2012 to 60% in 2013-2018. For private institutions (companies) the share of studies they published in collaboration with higher education in 2013-2018 rose above 40%.

  • Flanders ranks among European top tier for scientific publications

    Flanders is doing relatively well in comparison with other countries of the European Union (EU). Along with the Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands, Flanders has the highest publication output per 10,000 inhabitants. Flanders realised in 2018 28 scientific publication per 10,000 inhabitants. Denmark reached 40 and France 13.


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Scientific publication: a publication on empirical and theoretical research work. As a rule, these publications are subject to a prior review by peers. Their relative value can be assessed from the citation index. 

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