Trust in European institutions

  • Growing trust in European institutions

    In 2019 70% of the population of the Flemish Region indicate that they trust the European Parliament, 65% trust the European Commission and 64% trust the European Central Bank. So, of the 3 European institutions surveyed, the European Parliament enjoyed the highest level of trust among the people of Flanders. The level of trust is slightly lower for the European Commission and for the European Central Bank.  


    Although there was a decline in trust of the 3 European institutions between 2005 and 2014, this trust increased from 2015.

  • Inhabitants of Flanders have more trust in EU institutions than most other Europeans

    There is a big difference in the trust in the European institutions between the inhabitants of the Flemish and Walloon Regions. In the Flanders Region, 70% of the population state in 2019 that they trust the European Parliament, compared to 56% of the inhabitants of the Walloon Region. The level of trust in the European Commission is also noticeably higher in Flanders (65%) than in Wallonia (53%). This higher level of trust is also reflected towards the European Central Bank: 64% of the people in the Flemish Region trust it, compared to 41% in the Walloon Region. 


    In Flanders, trust in all 3 European institutions is similar to the highest scores for countries of the European Union. 


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Publication date

19 November 2019

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